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Jeune&Jolie, the movie


Unexpectedly good movie. Maybe its a mater of the “right mood” but combination of the obviously beautiful images with the obviously offbeat (but still real) plot catches the sophisticated audience (me)

Note on art, Artsy


It might sound banal but still, there are art works we might not like. And it doesn’t mean that we don’t  have “right taste” or “don’t understand contemporary art”. Firstly, generalizations are never good. Secondly, it takes a while to understand what we actually like.  Perhaps I am not completely sure about whether photos of paintings (even in good quality and brief information, yes, yes, I mean better than IPhone snapshots) can compete with their real – life analogs, i would suggest to surf Artsy.

Thanks to the genius Gods of programming, among with applications for food delivery and other apps which embrace our procrastination,  we have Artsy which mission is to archived all art round the world. Don’t know how it goes with the world, but their suggestions of current shows and modern art in general is quite impressive. So, go for it. Maybe at some point you’ll betray instagram and start to like real art works. Well, you know what i mean…

Here comes the link