This book is a total must read for all the artsy souls .Well structured, it is trying to cover as much as possible of the modern art world. All chapters devoted to different aspects such as The Auction, The Crit, The Magazine, The Studio Visit
Here are some quotes to boots your interest 🙂

“What kind of art does well at auction? People have a litmus test with color. Brown paintings doesn’t sell as well as blue or red paintings. Certain subjects matters are more commercial than others: “A male nude doesn’t usually go over as well as a buxom female”

“While secondary-market dealers need to have a “good eye”, a command of art history, an instinct for the market and a steady circle of supportive clients, the thing that most distinguishes them from primary dealers is their need to be “cashed up”. The strongest players have the capital to buy with no financial pressure to sell”

“An auctioneer is like a plastic surgeon. You want to go to someone you can trust ”

” The auction is the symptom of something much more complex, like a rash. It is vulgar, in the same way the pornography is vulgar”

” Howard Singerman, the author of a compelling history of art education in America called Art Subject, argues that the most important thing that students learn at art school is ” how to be an artist, how to occupy that name, how to embody that occupation “. Even thought many students don’t feel like 100 percent comfortable calling themselves ” an artist” upon graduation – they often need the further endorsement of a dealer, museum show, or teaching job – in many countries the roots of that social identity lie in the semipublic ground of the crit”


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