Sophia Calle “Take care of yourself”

“I received an email telling me it was over. I didn’t know how to respond. It was as if it wasn’t meant for me. It ended with the words: Take care of yourself. I took this recommendation literally. I asked a hundred and two women, choose for their profession, to interpret the letter in their professional capacity. To analyzer it, provide a commentary on it, act it, dance it, sign it. Dissect it. Understand for me. Answer for me. It was a way to take the time to break up. At my own pace. A way to take care of myself.”
At the 2007 Venice Biennale, Sophie Calle showed her piece Take care of yourself named after the last line of the message her ex had left her. Calle had asked dozens of women—including a parrot and a hand puppet—to interpret the break-up e-mail and presented the results in the French pavilion.








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